RNA dynamics

Which factors determine the expression dynamics and the half life of an mRNA molecule? To this end, we developed Dynamic Transcriptome Analysis (DTA) for the genome-wide quantification of RNA synthesis and decay. Read more. .


What is the physiological variation of DNA methylation, how does DNA methylation change in the ageing cell, and how do these changes link to diseases? We use statistical models for the analysis of single cell DNA methylation data obtained by bisulfite sequencing. Read more.

Quantitative Image Analysis

What are the genetic causes of morphological phenotypes? We create tools for automated phenotyping of biological images, e.g., from 3D leaf surfaces, or microscopic time lapse movies. Read more.

Statistical models of gene regulation

How can we use high-dimensional data from perturbation experiments to improve our knowledge about signalling cascades and gene regulatory networks? We contribute to the theory of probabilistic graphical models, in particular Nested Effects Models and Factor Graphs, for the prediction and analysis of regulatory networks. Read more.

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